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Thank you for visiting The Gourmet Lens. I’m Fiona and welcome to mystic. I am a food photographer and recipe developer of healthy natural food with a Mediterranean twist based in Cork. My passion for food and photography have come together in a way I never imagined. Every piece of food I cook or see is through the eyes of my gourmet lens.

Food photography

As a food photographer my passion and inspiration is to create a food story through my recipes and photographs. I like to capture the simplicity of the natural raw ingredients and turn them into a sublime meal. When I look at my photographs it’s not just the dish they convey but the journey and memory behind it. From picking strawberries in my childhood to celebrating that all important job. I want to share my stories with you and inspire you to do the same!

Recipe Development

I create my recipes around a healthy, balanced and nutritional diet with easy to cook wholesome recipes. My recipes are based on The Mediterranean diet from years of living in Spain. As a result we eat a diet based mainly on vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian ingredients with a very low amount of meat in the diet with three non meat eaters in the family, including myself! Having lived in Spain for over 10 years I still divide my time between Spain and Ireland and teach people that the Mediterranean diet can be followed in any country using healthy ingredients.

My recipes include fresh, local and organic ingredients which I either grow myself or find at the weekly farmer’s markets. My family and I follow the pescatarian diet so eat organic fish, vegan and vegetarian food and feel more full of energy than we ever have before. I avoid refined sugar and processed ingredients at all costs to bring you mouth-watering recipes and photographs which you won’t be able to resist!

When I’m not creating or photographing food you can find me growing veggies in my garden, foraging ingredients on long country walks or surrounded by friends, food and fine wines!